The Color of Beauty

There are rainbows hidden

behind her eyes.Gems and gold

tucked beneath tears that

Only the chosen can release. She guards her treasure deep within her pupils with long lashes of love.

Lustrous colors penetrate the dark fog

that lurks to steal and consume her

passion to live. Her smile is softened

by the light of the sun that shines through her. She is warmth with a cool

Embrace as she ushers each spirit to dance in the rain. Lips that hope to kiss and cheeks that long to caress hands which hold and nurture her essence. An explosion of vibrant

Fluorescent shades that protect her innocence and soul, as she finds her way to the light of becoming an iridescent woman.

The Art of Love

In order to be one with the mic, I must fall in love words all the while straddling similes then wrapping my lips around images that turn dreams into lyrics, can the trees hear it the way I whisper your name, as I worship the melody. God you see into me, intimacy

into me I see variations of sounds, so passionate that it relaxes my body releasing energy towards the heavens, I am bound connecting my soul to the ancestors who passed, just the first stanza alone makes my heart glad. I reach and grab for you, just because I love the way you do the two, reciprocate prayer through poetry, so sensually words caresses my mind, in time I've come to learn that there is nothing greater than mind sex, and with this act of love and lust for words combined,

I've been consumed by the seduction of rhyme, line by line I escape into my fantasy where it’s only you and I, truth be told you are the most uncontrollable high. That's right I said...I love God like poetry...simply because God deemed poetry as the art of loving language.

Titles are the hardest thing to write

even more difficult than the poem itself, so I pretend that the very first line of

my poem will begin with my fear, having to conjure strong

words to seduce my readers to continue the path of each line-break, deciphering syntax and language searching between

words scattered across the page only to discover within the end of this stanza that the title was already there.